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"Valkendorf, We honor you, Jewel Of Pisserenden. We carry the community under the shield of stone" -


Valkendorfs Kollegium, the jewel of Piss End, or as known by friends, Valle-kolle, was founded in 1589 and is as such the oldest dorm in the Nordic countries. Throughout its history, the dorm has housed several famous Danes including Grundtvig, Ewald, Ingemann, Blicher, and Bang.

Today, the beautiful old house on Sankt Peders Stræde in the heart of Copenhagen houses 22 alumni. In our house you will find parties enriched with tradition and dance until the light of day, communal dinners twice a week, and days dedicated to maintenance of our rich garden or common areas in the house. Valkendorf is not just a house, but a thriving community. Once again, we welcome you here.

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