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More than a house

A home with a thriving community

Living at Valkendorfs Kollegium, you will become an alumni and forever a "valkendorfianer".


Every year, all alumni are given a title depending on their duties in the house. It is of great importance that alumni in the house thrive with one another, given that we arrange for many common activities and share common duties around the house. Several times a year, alumni will be invited to take part in maintenance, gardening, or other work on the house. You can read more about the different functions in the house below.


We arrange communal dinners twice a week, but often "hygge" flowers spontaneously in our shared kitchens or around a board game in the livingroom. Additionally, alumni often are invited to take part of events outside the gates such as movie nights at the cinema or fall trips to the forrest. The long history of the house is rich in stories and traditions, many of which are still being kept alive, such as the Løvfaldsfest for friends of the alumni, and the VS fest for former residents of the house. 

"Halfway between alma mater and the spire of Sct. Peder is the place where Christopher built his dorm. Do the books not entice, does the reading lamp not shine, we gather around the table, cultivate the game of wit."

  House functions  

Inspector Collegii (IC)

IC is the head of the dorm and the role is shared by two alumni. IC is responsible for the daily maintenance of the dorm, and host the monthly dorm meeting, IC-thé. 


Head of the Central Committee (FCK)

FCK consists of two alumni, who shares the responsibility for alumni moving in or out. FCK are also responsible for administration of applications and new admissions.


Inspector Fisci (Fisci)

Fisci is the bookkeeper of the dorm and as such keeps an eye on the economy of the dorm.

Inspector Visionis (Vision)

Vision is a function shared by two alumni, which is concerned with thinking out larger and more costly maintenance and renewal work in the dorm. As part of this proces, Vision is responsible for any fundraising.

Custos Culinae (CC)

CC is the largest function of the house and holds responsibility for the practical duties around the house: Repairs, supply of kitchen utensils, and cleaning of towels.

Inspector Alcoholis/Inspector Vulc (IA/Vulc)

IA/Vulc consists of two alumni, who are in charge of supplying the dorm with beer and soda. IA/Vulc are also in charge of keeping order in the basement.

Inspector Horti (Horti)

Horti consists of three alumni, who together hold the responsibility of the two gardens on the dorm. In both fall and spring, Horti invites all alumni to take part in gardening days.


Inspector Symposii/Inspector Quester (Symp/Q)

Symp/Q is shared by two alumni, who are in charge of administration of common dinners and smaller parties.

Inspector Lectorii (IL)

IL is shared between two alumni, who hold the responsibility for keeping our livingroom, Lectoriet, tidy, as well as distributing mail.


Valkendorfianer Samfundet/Inspector Computer (VS/I.comp)

 VS/I.comp consists of two alumni and are in charge of contact with former alumni as well as commuters and printers of the dorm. 

Facilities of the house

"The building shines with heritage and honor - a witness of years passed. Grand, cozy and rich on space, this is our Valkendorfs Kollegium."


On Sankt Peders Stræde 14 a green wooden fence runs along the sidewalk, and behind the fence you will find Valkendorfs Kollegium. From the road you pass through a rich front garden, walk along the bushes and trees, before entering the house.


The house holds four floors and a basement. In the basement you will find storage rooms and a workshop. The ground floor contains a small library ("the Ruby"), the TV-room ("the Emerald") and the Lectorium. On all floors, you will find a common kitchen and bathroom. 


Exiting the back door of the house you will find the backyard, which is rich in roses, fruit trees, bushes, and a lawn with space for a common dinner or a game of volleyball. The dorm houses 22 alumni and the distribution on the floors vary. 

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