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Tour of the house

The oldest dorm in Northern Europe offers tours in the historic setting in the heart of Copenhagen. The dorm was founded in 1589 by nobleman Christoffer Valkendorf and has since then housed several students, who are now central to Danish history, including Grundtvig, B. S. Ingemann, and Frode Jakobsen.

On the tour we will visit the dorm library, the Lectorium, a student room, the basement, and last but not least the beautiful garden. The tour guide will share with you with many of the stories surrounding the dorm, for example the one about the great scandal that erupted on the dorm following the finding of a pair of lady shoes outside a room one morning. Officially, women were not allowed to live on the dorm until 1971.


The tour is guided by a current alumni on the dorm with great experience in sharing the history of the dorm.

Our tours cost 1.000 kr. and last approximately one hour. Upon arrangement we will provide coffee, tea, and cake.

For inquires please refer to the following email address:


Every year on Friday night in week 41 we open the dorm doors and welcome guests of Kulturnatten.


Vi offer a small tour of the old dorm guided by one of the current alumni of the dorm, who will share stories and history of the dorm.  

It will be possible to buy coffee, tea and cake.

More information can be found on the website of Kulturnatten.

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