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Become  a  valkendorfianer

Admission and application

In order to apply for a vacant position at the dorm, you must have completed a year and a half worth of studies (90 ECTS). Among the applicants, a handfull are selected to participate in an interview with the Central Committee consisting of the Ephorus, FCK, one of the IC, and one additional alumni. Future alumni are primarily selected based on their eager to participate actively in the life of the dorm, their willingness to commit to a social community. Residency at the dorm is permitted for a maximum of five years or until 3 months after finishing university. 


In the motivated application we would like to know more about who you are, what interests you have, and what you expect from a life in the dorm. From all applicants, a handfull will be selected for an interview with our Ephorus and three alumni. In order to get accepted into the dorm, it is mandatory to participate in the interview.

The dorm

"I became a Valkendorfianer, higher cannot be reached. Oh, how people do not know of what they may not have. I grew accustomed to traditions enriched in the spirit of past centuries, I found living idols, I have formed the bond of friendship."


Today we live 22 alumni in the beautiful old house on Sankt Peders Stræde in the heart of Copenhagen. Belonging the the dorm is a front- and a backyard rich in rose beds, fruit trees, and a lawn with room for a barbecue, sunbathing, or a game of volleyball. The rooms are distributed across four floors, who all share kitchen and bathroom. Common areas include a livingroom (the Lectorium), a library (the Ruby), and a TV-room (the Emerald). We arrange parties rich on traditions, common dinners twice a week, and share the maintenance work around the house between us.


It is of great importance, that all alumni are socially engaged and eager to contribute to life in the dorm. All alumni hold a house function, which you can read more about on this page.

Vacant alumni positions
Ledige pladser

Two vacant positions for students at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen and one vacant position for a student at the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen.

Remember also to download the application form (in Danish)

Please direct any questions regarding application to the following email address:

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