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Since  1589

History of the dorm

"Ave Maecenas noster Christophore, domus fundator Walckendorphianæ! Gratias agunt tibi hic alumni clare canantes."

In 1588 tenant master Christopher Valkendorf bought "the White Monastery", a monastery and residence for Carmelite munks. Christopher refurnished the dormitory and made it suitable for students of the University, and had it inaugurated on February 26th in 1589 under the name of Valkendorfs Kollegium (dormitory of Valkendorf). The old building bought by Valkendorf was more than 70 years old at the time and demanded frequent and costly maintenance. In 1658 the dormitory was hit by a grenade during the assault of Copenhagen led by Swedish king Charles X Gustav, which especially damaged the library.

During the great fire of 1728 the dorm was greatly damaged and was uninhabitable in several of the following years. In 1865 it was decided that the building be torn down, and that a new building should instead be risen further away from the road. In this process, the last parts of the old monastery were removed except for the monastery wall, which still to this day provide a framework for the life inside the dorm. In 1866 the first alumni moved into the current dormitory building, which was expanded with a fourth floor in 1920. Both the dormitory building and the surrounding monastery wall are listed, and consequently an important work for the alumni consists of preservation.

Life in the dorm

Inspector College is the oldest of the house functions. In the old days, IC would circle the halls every morning to make sure that all alumni were up and ready for prayer and singing. If one was to stay in bed, IC would give out a warning and write up the name of the alumni.

Although traditions were central at the time, the alumni were also frequent visitors of the surrounding pubs. Unfortunately, the alumni were not always capable or willing to pay their tabs, and they were not shy of entering into a good bar fight.

At one point, the behavior of the alumni was so poor that the King's bailiff had to ride in on horseback and educate the rascals on their behavior and demand they pay their debts immediately. Since then, life in the dorm has been more neat, although it was not until 1972, that the first female alumni moved in. 

Several great Danish personalities have resided in Valkendorfs Kollegium. Of the most known names are Johannes Ewald, N. F. S. Grundtvig, Steen Steensen Blicher, Frederik Christian Sibbern, B. S. Ingemann, and Herman Bang. Additionally, Ludvig Holberg and Adam Oehlenschläger have taken part of discussions in and around the house. Only time will tell if any of the current alumni will reach similar fame and glory.

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